So this is what happens...

January 29, 2008

So this is what happens when the author of this blog finds a significant other... A screeching halt to updates.

Fortunately, I've kept up a little and have some links for the loyal readers out there.

House Mate
House Mate Manami-chan Wallpapers
Nomura Securities CM
Japan Rail Kyushu Commercials
More Gubinama CMs

Official Kirakira Kenshuui Website
Official Kirakira Kenshuui Blog
Video of Manami-chan as Usako
Interviews with Manami-chan
Manami-chan as "O-ne" in a period piece TV drama, Akechi

Konitan as "Mizuho Washizu" in TV drama, Ashitano Kitayoshio (́A쑽Pj)

And finally, Konitan sings..!

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