Manami Recap

April 25, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates, Manami fans, but I've been a busy man. But I have been taking notes. Here are Konitan happenings in no particular order:

U-Can has a commercial up. Direct link: (copy & paste)

Nomura Shouken has the Spring CM available for download.

Konitan will be in a drama on WOWOW called チルドレン (Children) on May 21st.

I found some promotional videos (music videos) on YouTube starring Manami-chan:
Takeuchi Mariya - "Mainichi Ga Special"
Nirgilis - "Vuna"
... and a special drama episode of Cocorico Miracle Type starring Konitan:
Kirawareru Onna - Nagurareru Onna (Women who are disliked - Women who are physically abused)

And for those who haven't checked out the DTI site recently, there has been an ongoing web short special called "ハル、クル、サイクル" (Haru, Kuru, Cycle). You can download the .flv files by copying and pasting the following URLs:
~ etc.
~ etc. (so far)

The forthcoming Manami Konishi photo book is available for pre-order on Amazon Japan.

And finally, it looks like Manami will be in a movie called "Udon".


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