About Naka

A web designer by day, I decided it would be good practice to design a CSS styled, semantically correct website from scratch. But I was stuck since I'm not exactly an expert on any subject to be blogging about it. I have, however, lived in Japan and visit relatives often, so I thought that a fan site dedicated to a celebrity with little exposure in the English-speaking world would be an ideal way for me to extract and translate content.

And what better muse than the beautiful and multi-talented Manami Konishi? I had seen her on commercials and a comedy variety show called Cocorico Miracle Type. I was immediately drawn to her unique, delicate facial features not often seen among Japanese actresses and idols. The more I found out about her from Japanese fan sites, the more I grew to like her public persona. And so, Konitan, as she is known to fans, became the subject of my web project. I hope you all enjoy reading and learning about her as much as I do.

Contact Naka

If you have any Manami Konishi related info or scans that you'd like to share, send them to nakamanamikonishi.com and I'll post them on this website.

Manami Konishi