Konitan will like something to drink.

July 19, 2005

The bijo blog has posted the U-Can commercial promoting Pimsleur's English lessons. You can hear what Konitan sounds like speaking English.

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Download More CMs

July 14, 2005

Four commercials from the U-Can campaign have been graciously hosted by the bijo blog that posted the Sekkisui commercials earlier. There was a U-Can commercial where Konitan says, "I would like something to drink" in English... I hope the site posts that one.

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Consept One Step CM Online

July 05, 2005

The ever active people of the SCCL fansite BBS have pointed to a new commercial starring Konitan that's been posted at AMO's Eye-station website.

There's a fifteen second commercial and a three minute "making of." Here are the direct links to the the Flash files if you want to keep 'em on your hard drive: CM (711kb) and Making Of (11.7mb)

(via SCCL Fan Site BBS)

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