Youtubed "Sunny Day" Promotional Video

March 24, 2008

A Youtube video of Manami chan's "Sunny Day" single has been posted by user dualfeel. Manami plays "Kazue Fujiki" (“‘–Ψ ˆκŒb) in "Sweet Rain@Ž€_‚̐Έ“x" and is releasing the single as the character, who has her own official website.

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Konitan Promoting "Sweet Rain"

March 22, 2008

Looks like Manami chan has been busy promoting her movie "Sweet Rain@Ž€_‚̐Έ“x" and single "Sunny Day" recently. Here is a message from Konitan on vibe and an interview with Manami chan from Countdown TFM.

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¬Ό^“ή”ό's Sunny Day Promo Video

March 13, 2008

Konitan's music video for "Sunny Day" has been posted on Yahoo! Japan apparently, but I can't tell because my IP address is blocked. Those of you residing in Japan or with enough know-how to mask your IP address will probably have better luck.

There's also a press conference with the cast from "Sweet Rain@Ž€_‚̐Έ“x" on Yahoo! which is also blocked for me, but fortunately, I think there's an alternate, non-nationalist version at MovieWalker, in additional to a full-length trailer.

(via SCCL Fan Site BBS)

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