House Mate Desktops and CM

January 13, 2006

A new House Mate campaign's been posted with Manami-chan continuing her image-character duties. The "Anshin" campaign includes a new commercial, a couple of desktop pictures, and a screensaver. I've gone through the hoops so you can have direct links to the desktops and download the screensaver. Rhetorical question: do screens set to 800 x 600 still exist?

anshin800_01.jpg (800 x 600)
anshin800_02.jpg (800 x 600)
anshin1024_01.jpg (1024 x 768)
anshin1024_02.jpg (1024 x 768)

Here's the direct link to the screensaver, available for Windows, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X.

And you can use SDP (Win) to save the streaming Windows Media commercial as a *.wmv file (instructions outlined in my previous post). Open this url with SDP:

(via SCCL Fan Site BBS)

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U-Can and Aldentino and DTI

January 06, 2006

We start 2006 with a new commercial at the U-Can website.

Next, we have the third installment of the web shorts at the Aldentino site. If you're having trouble viewing the streams with your connection speed, there is a handy tool called SDP (Win) which allows you to output *.asx streams as *.wmv files. Start SDP, click on "Open," and enter any of the following web addresses (movies 1-3 so far):

Click "OK," "Yes" or "No," then click on the "Go" button. This should give you the option to save the stream as a *.wmv file on your hard drive.

Next time, I'll see if I can post a list of links to all 100 DTI Himekuri movies so you can save them to your hard drive. In the meantime, find a good *.flv player; Riva's FLV Player is a decent one.

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