Manami on Cover of Ikkojin

December 27, 2005

Manami is the cover girl for the February, 2006 issue of Ikkojin (l) magazine. The theme for this issue is "Is Writing Fun?" and they most likely interviewed and featured her because she has a book of essays to her credit. What a talent.

In other news, Erika Sawajiri (KGJ) is also starring in "Tenshi No Tamago" (Vg̗) as Konitan's character's little sister, who is in love with Hayato Ichihara's (sl) character, who is in love with Konitan's character. Ah, triangular love. Erika's past roles have been in serious period pieces such as "Pacchigi!" (pb`MI), "Ashurajo No Hitomi" (C̓), and "Shinobi" (E) so this will be a style change for her. They had just wrapped up shooting the climactic hospital scene near Kyoto.

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