Inu No Eiga Promo

March 05, 2005

A promotional interview for Inu No Eiga featuring Manami-chan and co-star Shidoh Nakamura ("Dragon" from the movie Ping Pong) was posted on Yahoo! Japan News's video gallery. Larger, slightly different clips are also available at goo broadband navi.

Yahoo clips: 56k wmv / 300k wmv / 56k real / 300k real

These links are fairly temporary so view 'em while you can.

In the clip, Manami is asked "This was your first time working with Shidoh — how was it?" Manami replies, "While we were filming, I distinctly remember he told me my face was dog-like. [laugh]" Interviewer asks Shidoh, "like which breed..?" to which he replies, "Well, she has a cute face so..."

Photos from the interview are available at MSN Style.

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